Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farm Journal - Entry 2

I spent most of the morning weeding our lower field, lovingly known as the "mediterranean rock field". It is dry and full of baseball sized rocks that make spading and tilling quite a chore. We have tomatoes and peppers planted there that are beginning to finally come to fruition, but they were nearly impossible to see beneath the towering pigweed, bindweed and napweed that fill the fertile ground. I find mornings such as this to be boring at times, because I am doing one repetitive activity for hours on end. I find that I enjoy my time much more when I can split it up between multiple groups of people and activities. I do feel however, that the sense of community within the interns has grown to the point that even repetitive mornings can be enjoyable. The conversation is often rich and colorful, which keeps things interesting and usually passes the time quickly. 
Yesterday I spent the first part of my morning harvesting multiple crops for the Youth Harvest's "mobile market". It was nice to get to hop around and harvest different crops relatively quickly. I think that the mobile market is a fascinating program, and would like to try and get involved with it for an afternoon or two. After the mobile market harvesting I harvested broccoli for the remainder of the morning. I had no idea that broccoli plants grew to be so large, and I find it funny that we grow such large plants to use such a small section of them. i see waste all over the farm in terms of parts of vegetables that we do not use - for whatever reason that may be. Although I am sure that the pigs appreciate all of our food scraps, I feel that there has to be a way to use more of the plants than we do. 
I know that I have learned a lot on the farm since I began working here in February, and I will continue to learn well into the Fall harvest season. I do, however, wish that there was more instruction on the inner-workings of the farm and why we do certain things when we do them. I often feel like a simple laborer, told to go do things without a reason, instead of the student that I am paying and working hard to be. This is nobody's fault in particular, I just wish that we could spend more time in the "classroom" mode that we usually have on Friday mornings. I learn a lot from the lectures and conversations that we have during those short periods of time. 

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