Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Picture of the Month

Highline Trail - Glacier National Park, MT
Picture taken on a Canon Powershot - July 2010

The beginnings of summer

June has come and nearly gone seemingly in the blink of an eye. I celebrated my 21st birthday on the fifth, which was a trip to say the least. I spent a week and a half on the beach near Gulf Shores, Alabama with loved ones. Relaxing, meditating and simply enjoying the essence of coastal life. Over the past few years I've noticed that when I get to Alabama (specifically Southern Comfort - the name my mother gave to our beach home) - things simply slow down. I stop worrying so much about things, I go shirtless, I sit on the porch for hours on end, I take long walks with no particular place to go. It is this sort of relaxed mindset that I try (without avail) to bring home with me. I think being away from your physical belongings often has a relaxant effect, you have fewer objects to interact with, and so your mind is at ease. Since I am in the process of packing to move I thought this would be the best time to downsize my personal belongings, and have been doing so for the past couple of months. I get an extremely freeing feeling as I look around my apartment with less clutter, less furniture and more space day after day. Slowly ridding myself of attachment. June has come and is nearly gone, just as "things" are leaving my life every day.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Picture of the Month - June

Natural Bridges NP - Utah, May 2010

Photo Taken on a Canon PowerShot