Monday, July 2, 2012

Farm Journal - First Entry

It's hard to believe that I have been working on this farm since mid-February. The amount of growth and the change of seasons has been truly eye opening. Never before have I been so close to the intimate processes of the spring bloom and the summer harvest. It is now the beginning of July and we already have a few crops that we are finished harvesting for the summer. Radishes are now finished, as well as brazing mix (tat soi and other asian greens) and I believe that we are nearly done with arugula as well.
The upper field is awash in different shades of green as the brassicas spread their leaves towards the high afternoon sun. The onions and other alliums create the illusion of a field of light green grass from afar, and the clover cover crop planted between the rows looks nearly like moss in a Northwest rainforest. This afternoon I plan on mulching the onions to help keep the rest of the weeds down until they're ready to harvest. I had the pleasure last week of running the cultivating tractor through the onion patch to remove weeds and push the dirt up against the rows of onions. I really enjoy using the power equipment here on the farm, and the cultivating tractor is no exception. It is a much more delicate process than using the Kubota, as one small missed adjustment could rip out an entire row of the crop you're weeding, the spider wheels spinning mercilessly into the soft plant flesh. 
The sense of community within both the interns and the youth harvest has grown immensely. I feel as though I have made friendships that will last long after the summer is over. For the first time since I moved to Missoula, I feel as though I can truly call it my home. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Montana Summer

So I'm spending this summer here in Missoula, working an internship on a small organic farm. There are nearly twenty of us interns here, earning college credit to run this farm and CSA. I've truly been enjoying my time on the farm. Doing work that is tangible and that you can quantify and physically see is immensely satisfying. Not to mention the great people that I have met so far. I finally feel as though I am surrounded by like-minded individuals, although they call come from very different backgrounds which keeps things very interesting. It has taken almost a year, but I feel that I can finally say that I've made Missoula my new home.
As a requirement for my summer internship I am obligated to write 10 "journal entries" about my time on the farm. In the following weeks I will be posting them here for all to see, in hopes of sparking some conversation or feedback.