Sunday, July 1, 2012

Montana Summer

So I'm spending this summer here in Missoula, working an internship on a small organic farm. There are nearly twenty of us interns here, earning college credit to run this farm and CSA. I've truly been enjoying my time on the farm. Doing work that is tangible and that you can quantify and physically see is immensely satisfying. Not to mention the great people that I have met so far. I finally feel as though I am surrounded by like-minded individuals, although they call come from very different backgrounds which keeps things very interesting. It has taken almost a year, but I feel that I can finally say that I've made Missoula my new home.
As a requirement for my summer internship I am obligated to write 10 "journal entries" about my time on the farm. In the following weeks I will be posting them here for all to see, in hopes of sparking some conversation or feedback.


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