Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You're getting paid for what?!

So tomorrow I go in to the psych department at Mizzou for a study on the effects of caffeine and alcohol... feels like I'm back in school already! Apparently I will be given a drink containing alcohol, caffeine, both or neither and they are going to hook me up to a computer and study my brainwaves as I perform tasks on a computer. I can only hope they serve me some fresh brewed Flat Branch Brown Ale or Moose Drool, but I'd say those chances are slim. Twelve bucks an hour for drinking a bit doesn't sound too shabby to me, I'll update tomorrow on how it goes. Cheers.


  1. It was great, 12$ an hour to take some easy tests while drunk, and then watch movies and eat snacks until I was sober! Wish I could have this gig weekly!