Friday, August 21, 2009

The beginning

Well, here I am. Sitting in my new dorm room at Westminster College in Fulton MO. It's 11:42 and I have no idea where my roommate is, but that's alright. I've met a few new people, most all of them have been really friendly. I have three international students living in my suite, which is pretty cool. I decided to bring my old Trek 800 to school with me to get around town. It was purchased for me maybe 7 years ago. I recently converted it to a commuter/light touring style bike. I replaced the knobby off-road tires with thinner ( from 26x2.0 to 26x1.5 ) smoother tires and added fenders and a sturdy rear rack. I hope to get some baskets or panniers so that I can use it on grocery runs. It's definitely going to be strange only having one bike here at school, and I'm already having withdrawals from being able to ride my road bike (shown above) whenever I feel like it. I'll post before/after pics of my Trek 800 soon.

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