Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Minimal Living

    I came across the concept of minimalistic lifestyle a while back while searching for more information on alternative nutrition. After stumbling upon The Primal Blueprint and Mark's Daily Apple I became interested in modern day 'primal' living (hence the title for this blog - Primal Insomniac). I've always been interested in alternative lifestyles, this interest being enhanced by my passion for and study of the natural world, environmentalism, and alternative medicine. My studies specialize in sustainability, of which a common theme exists: living with less. In a society where wanting more and more material possessions is the norm, it was refreshing to hear there were people willing to grow against the grain.
Now I'm no where close to being what you could call a minimalist, but I have been applying minimalist strategies to my own life (strategy post coming soon!), working towards having less.
   "Why would you want less?" you might ask. There are many answers to this questions, and I have several that apply directly to me:
      Fewer possessions means:
  • less attachment to material goods
  • more free time to enjoy life - less time maintaining possessions/cleaning/organizing
  • more money for the future 
  • smaller ecological footprint

There's no doubt that this journey I am embarking on will not be easy, and although I'm downsizing my list of "things", there are many that will be hard to give up.

Some of my favorite minimalist blogs are

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For the difference between simplicity and minimalism check out - ZenHabits


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